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The Beautiful Barn Owl

Picture of the common Barn Owl
The Common Barn Owl

Common Barn Owl ~ Tyto alba

The Barn Owl is a medium sized owl with no ear-tufts and a heart-shaped face. These pale, nearly worldwide birds are closely associated with man through their traditional use of barn lofts and church steeples as nesting sites. The species name “alba” refers to the colour white. Other names for the Barn Owl have included Monkey-faced Owl, Ghost Owl, and Church Owl.

The facial disc is white with a brown edge, and with a brownish wash between the lower edge of the eyes and the base of the whitish-pink bill. Eyes are brownish-black. The crown and upperparts are yellowish-brown to orange-buff, covered partly by a pale ashy-grey veil marked with scattered white spots surrounded by black. The tail is similar, with a few darker bars and with white dots near the tips of the feathers.

Underparts are whitish or pure white with a few small, dark drop-shaped spots (often more on females).
Legs are feathered white nearly to the base of the mostly bare toes, which are pale greyish-brown and dirty yellowish underneath. Claws are brownish-black


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