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Remote Viewing : Future Tech Within our Mind

Fringe Science?

“Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. That however changed in 1995 when the CIA declassified a top secret program that had been training individuals in ‘Remote Viewing’ in which, it was claimed, people were able to envision ongoing activities in distant places and future events.


The initial testing was done at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where extensive investigations were carried out into the human mind’s capacity to transcend all bounds of time and space. SRI’s research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies for over two decades. It recognized the inherent psychic potential in humans and attempted to harness these special faculties or ‘powers’ for the purposes of intelligence gathering, often of a vital nature.

Russell Targ, Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann were the original founders of  this once-secret program. Their task was to learn to understand psychic abilities, and to use these abilities to gather information…they were the original ‘Psi Spies’ named after the title of Jim Marrs’ exhaustive study of the phenomenon. The program eventually came to be called ‘Operation Stargate’. “

 From – Stargate Project: Psychic Warriors and the CIA By Vikram Zutshi 

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The phenomena of remote viewing has existed for many decades with equally as many variations and techniques. Ingo built upon this and pioneered the development of the technique referred to as Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). He never endorsed any remote viewing training method except his own and never gave his permission to trademark the term CRV or the process of teaching it. Although the CRV protocols were developed at SRI, Ingo was given the express right to retain them as his own.   


Simply put…

The superpowers of the human biomind, of which remote viewing is one, are defined as those indwelling faculties of our species which can transcend space and time as one major category of activity, and energy and matter as another major category. The concept that human powers and perceptions are locked into and only accord with the known laws of matter and energy and time is not correct — although such has been the dominant concept of the last two centuries.

The full extent of our species faculties of memory, for example, transcend the known laws of matter and time, as do the faculties for human imagination. Memory and imagination, therefore, are among the many superpowers — although they have not been identified this way within the prevailing wisdom of the Modern Age.

In addition to memory and imagination which are universally shared by all specimens of our species, the several formats of intuition and of the telepathic transfer of information are also very broadly shared. These first four of the superpowers are accepted as naturally existing, although they cannot be explained by conventional beliefs based in conventional concepts of matter and time. But it is understood that these first four of the superpowers recombine into creativity and inventiveness — and which have been the two major hallmarks of our species from time immemorial.

The superpowers are probably arranged along some kind of perceptual-cognitive spectrum, the fundamentals or rudiments of which are carried by all born individuals. This spectrum also consists of other indwelling faculties which are less broadly shared in their natural state, but which seem to need special development if they are to become active.

Remote viewing (distant-seeing) constitutes one of these more rare superpowers, and is a topic that has many years of research and development devoted to it. It can easily be shown that cognitive access to this spectrum is easily modified positively or negatively by social parameters and pressures. It can also be shown that discussion of the superpowers within the contexts of past and present social parameters is counterproductive regarding the much larger issue of the existence of the superpowers themselves. Such social parameters come and go, being only transitory. The existence of the superpowers as a species thing transcends social formats and their levels and/or defects of knowledge. The faculties for the superpowers are therefore permanent within our species.

Each generation of humans born is a carrier of the faculties, equally as much as it is a carrier of our species’ gene pool. It is not the purpose of this site to convince anyone that the superpowers exist. The only purpose is to present information.

— Ingo Swann

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