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DMT and Sir Edward Kelley’s Angelic Alchemy

Sir Edward Kelly

From visions of mystical beings of light to abductions by transdimensional alien-like spirits, one of the most common experiences reported by users of DMT and other entheogenic compounds is that of contact with what is repeatedly described as angelic entities.

“All spiritual disciplines describe quite psychedelic accounts of the transformative experiences… [Encounters] with…angelic entities…heavenly sounds…contacting a powerful and loving presence underlying all of reality—these experiences cut across all denominations. They also are characteristic of a fully psychedelic DMT experience.”[1]

Holy books aside, perhaps the most famous example of angelic close encounters comes from the private diaries of astrologer, alchemist, and occultist, Dr. John Dee, suspected English spy and personal advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

Though a seasoned astronomer, mathematician, and philosopher, Dee’s primary interest was that of discourse with angels. Unable to see or hear the angels himself, Dee was wont to employ the aid of a seer or skryer. It was in this capacity that, in 1582, Dee hired one Edward Kelley (aka Edward Talbot), an occultist, alchemist, and suspected charlatan of ill repute that was pilloried before having his ears cropped for the alchemically-relevant crime of “coining;” that is, forgery “which involved counterfeiting silver or gold coins with adulterated metals.”[2] Where Dee had hired a number of skryers in the past for the purpose of initiating angelic communication, all to no avail, Kelley was apparently amazingly successful in the endeavor, producing immediate and remarkable results. For the following seven years, until 1589, Dee regularly held intensive séance-like sessions with the angels, Kelley always acting in the capacity of seer.

While it was clearly Dee who benefited most from the two men’s relationship and arrangement, it was actually Kelley who sought Dee out. Indeed, at some point before going into Dee’s employ, Kelley had come in possession of a strange alchemical manuscript, called The Book of Dunstan, and a small amount of mysterious red powder, identified by Kelley as the magical Philosopher’s Stone of alchemical lore. It was Kelley’s suspicion that the manuscript held the key to a) the preparation of more of the red powder and b) how to prepare from said powder an elixir that

“was accessible only to a very few alchemists. Just as molecules of metal are transformed under great increase of temperature, so the emotional elements in human nature undergo an increased intensity of vibrations, which transforms them and makes them spiritual. [The] secret of the Philosopher’s Stone enabled a man’s soul to attain unity with the divine spirit.”[3]


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