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About Us

What have we lost? Where did we come from? What happened to the memory of our earliest days when man pulled himself up from some unknown darkness during his primordial origins? What is life but a mystery that we all wake up to so we may marvel at its nature and secrets?

The more we seem to dig and discover the more the mystery deepens and it seems there is no bottom for us to find. Ancient Amnesia was born from the inspired imagining of what happened before our time and how we can rediscover what we have lost? The search after the answers, we soon found, only multiplied the questions. We wanted to create a place to store, catalog and archive these answers and clues so we could always return to them and keep them from ever being lost. Our past becomes forgotten in the mist of time and memory dies with the death of civilizations. Entire cultures become buried and hidden falling victim to the elements and slowly erasing them from our awareness century by century.

Our passion at Ancient Amnesia is to excavate and rediscover the pieces of these broken and forgotten worlds and slowly piece them back together once again so that they can help us slowly reveal the untold stories of our origins.