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Day: November 18, 2021

Egypt The Atlantean Colony

THE EGYPTIAN COLONY. WHAT proofs have we that the Egyptians were a colony from Atlantis? 1. They claimed descent from “the twelve great gods,” which must have meant the twelve gods of Atlantis, to wit, Poseidon and Cleito and their ten sons. 2. According to the traditions of the Phœnicians, the Egyptians derived their civilization […]

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Time Line Engineers : Germans Created Time Space Rift In 1931

The following posts were sent by an individual who claims to be native to a “world-line” where the U.S.A. did not take part in World War II. There are some Montauk project investigators such as Michael Ash who state that the Montauk Project had sent agents back in time to help Great Britain AND America win the war against […]

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Alfred Bielek’s Speech at The MUFON conference 1990

Introduction Transcribed October 12, 1991 by Clay Tippen [Spelling & identification of several previously unrecognized words & names corrected by Rick Andersen, October 1992.] This document is for free publication. It is for the purpose of those interested parties to further their information in the Philadelphia Experiment. Please feel free to upload this document to any BBS […]

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Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Conciousness

by Preston Nichols & Peter Moon 1995 The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time was released in June of l992 and has created a stir of intrigue and queries for more information ever since. Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity sought to answer many of those questions and ended up providing an even more elaborate scenario that left us […]

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Aleister Crowley and The Sirians

“The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu is in the Khabs.” -Aleister Crowley The most important aspect concerning the discoveries made in the previous chapter is that they explain key aspects of our ancient heritage. As was already said, The Book of the Law leads us into the Great Pyramid with a line drawn at […]

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Project “Looking Glass”, The Plans Of The Secret Government On Time Machines And Stargate Devices

  Dr. Dan Burisch has a PhD in microbiology and is a former employee of the United States secret military forces. Burisch holds disconcerting great information about extraterrestrials, the time machines called “Looking Glass”(Orion Cube Stargate), the plans of the secret government and the extinction of the human race. Dan Burisch, born in California in […]

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