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Day: November 17, 2021

Annunaki Origins Part 1

The ancient Sumerian Tablets speak of creator Gods who came from a distant star system to earth to mine gold and other precious resources . Amidst their mission they found it difficult to continue their operation without a workforce and set out to create a hybrid being to assist them . In part 1 we […]

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The Most Mysterious Anomalies of Mars

Since Ancient Man began tracking the unique red world across the night sky, we have always known there is something special about Mars. Although it is much smaller than Earth, Mars is the most Earth-like planet in our solar system with its many similar geological features, including polar ice caps and what appear to be ancient (but now […]

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Declassified CIA Documents Show They “Saw” Ancient Civilization On Mars

Even though there has never been a manned mission to Mars, back in 1984, the CIA found a different way to explore the red planet. According to documents declassified thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, the Central Intelligence Agency used a “remote viewer” to “see” what was on Mars one million years ago, and what they discovered is […]

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Ruins of an ancient Alien civilization found on Mars in the Elysium Plantia area (video)

Various structures, including ones that seem to have been built by technologically sophisticated creatures, were discovered on Mars. This is most likely the ruins of a long-dead alien civilization. Humanity would be unconcerned if it discovered sentient life on another planet. The presence of extraterrestrial life on Mars, on the other hand, is just one […]

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  Join us as we explore the deep woods of the Texas Hill Country and take a close look at an ancient paleo Indian mound This particular site was a tool making site thousands of years ago and was used by many tribes over the millennia.

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