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Month: November 2020

Cosmic Blueprint Part 2

Cosmic Blueprint Continued   Spawned from spiraling DNA, flotsam of the big bang and millennia of evolution we spin in a web of infinite universes. THE HUMAN BRAIN – The brain loves patterns and symbols… Audible; rhythms, music, bird-song. Visual; stars & planets, snowflakes, camouflage, fish/bird-formations. Semantic [9]; language, metaphor, archetypes. Mathematical; fractals, geometry, computer language, […]

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Cosmic Blueprints

  The causal relationship between cymatic pattern and Hindu-Yantra exposes the essential pattern underlying the universe. Phenomena that confirm this blueprint are convergent evolution1, stigmergy2 (swarm-intelligence), chaos/complexity theory3, exaptation4, gestalt5, Plato’s-problem6 and perhaps even sympathetic magic7 .  The unified-field and collective unconscious8 are the same; science explains the metaphysical. Ancient Yantra-Mandalas catalogue the morphology of the unified-field. Cross-referencing quantum […]

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